Do you want to do some further learning or refresh your knowledge about the underpinning values behind person-centred and strengths-based approaches?

Are you looking to make sense of the latest legislation relating to social care and health?

Do you need ideas and inspiration for how to help someone you support to take positive action to improve their future?

Are you a seasoned practitioner looking to change the way you work or challenge systems and practices?

Would you benefit from knowing what support initiatives and opportunities exist in your local community?

Our engaging webinars range from short and light, informative Quick Bite for Lunch sessions about Self-Directed Support and related topics, through to explorative Deep Dives that analyse and discuss key topics and Thought Leadership webinars that promise to innovate, debate and shake up the status quo!

Quick Bite for Lunch

Who Are These Sessions Perfect For?

These convenient sessions are suitable for anyone looking to lead (and support others to lead) a fulfilling life, no matter what ‘good’ looks like for them.

Quick Bite for Lunch webinars are ideal for anyone interested in learning more about Personalisation, Self-Directed Support and Strengths-Based Approaches by building their understanding from the stories around how these approaches have made a real difference for the people we’ve worked alongside. They are open to anyone looking for information around the Self-Directed Support options available and the values and approaches which underpin them.

Designed for busy people, these sessions operate over lunchtime and will provide attendees with practical tools and resources to take away and put what they’ve learnt straight into practice.

Quick Bite for Lunch webinars about Person-Centred Approaches and Self-Directed Support

What Platform Will Quick Bite for Lunch Sessions Be On?

For ease, our 30-minute Quick Bite for Lunch webinars will be held on Zoom on Wednesdays at 12:30pm with a secure link to the meeting provided to you. Update your knowledge while you enjoy your lunch!

Why Are Imagineer Running Quick Bite for Lunch Webinars?

At Imagineer, we recognise how much pressure is on the Health and Social Care, Community and Volunteer sectors at present. We know that your time is precious, so we have designed these webinars as a great opportunity to network with like-minded people during your lunch break! Our goal is to shine a light on topics that don’t often get discussed and can help to shape and improve your practice. The sessions are designed to briefly introduce a ‘bite-sized’ topic, supported by stories and examples from practice. It’s an opportunity to have lunch together and learn from each other. We’ll share a free tool or resource you can take away from each session to embed within your own practice. Each series of six webinars will focus on a different subject area.

Our current Quick Bite for Lunch Sessions: Person-Centred Approaches Series

  • 25/11/20 @12:30pm: Creating meaningful connections (person-centred planning tools)
  • 02/12/20 @ 12:30pm: Recognising and working with a person’s relationships (person-centred planning tools)
  • 09/12/20 @ 12:30: Understanding how to develop and work with a Circle of Support

Attend a single session for £7.50 or purchase a place on all 6 sessions for £40 (£5 discount).

Please email: Liz@imagineer.org.uk to request a booking form or for further details.


Our next Quick Bite for Lunch Sessions: ‘Rights’ Series

  • 20/01/2021 @12.30pm: Social Care eligibility
  • 27/01/2021 @12.30pm: Social Care complaints
  • 03/02/2021 @12.30pm: Local Government & Social Care Ombudsman
  • 10/02/2021 @12.30pm: Legal action
  • 17/02/2021 @12.30pm: Regulators for Health & Social Care
  • 24/02/2021 @12.30pm: Covid-19 response in Health & Social Care

Attend a single session for £7.50 or purchase a place on all 6 sessions for £40 (£5 discount).

Please email: Liz@imagineer.org.uk to request a booking form or for further details.

Deep Dive Webinars

Who Are These Sessions Aimed At?

Regardless of whether you are a person in receipt of a Personal Health Budget/Personal Budget wanting to learn more about self-directing your own support, a person who works in a provider organisation delivering services for people who receive Personal Budgets or if you’re a Health and Social Care professional; you’re guaranteed to pick up on some exciting new and actionable ideas!

These sessions can even benefit your community-based organisation or voluntary group too! You may wish to join in with these valuable webinars to help others using your lived experiences!

What Platform Will Deep-Dive Webinars Be On?

To make these sessions as accessible as possible, they will be taking place on Zoom. You can expect a secure link to the meeting to be provided to you via email in advance of the webinar.

Why Are Imagineer Hosting Deep Dive Webinars?

Sometimes, in order to build a full picture of the context and complexity of an issue, the topic needs to be explored in depth. That’s exactly what these sessions are designed to do. These lively webinars will examine subjects of the Health & Social Care process, Self-Directed Support, Support Brokerage, Graphic Facilitation, Strengths-Based Approaches and the vital role communities can play within these approaches. They will also address the challenges that practitioners face that hinder progress and what improvements can be made to care and support provision.

Deep Dive webinars will be held in a friendly and open environment where all opinions will be welcomed and accepted. By coming together, we hope to share ideas, experiences and learn from one another. Sessions will be supplemented by takeaway resources.

Upcoming Deep Dive Webinars

Launching in 2021 – watch this space!

Thought-Leadership Discussions

Who Are These Sessions Ideal For?

These dynamic sessions are perfect for any health and social care professionals, community-based organisations voluntary groups and service delivery organisations who wish to challenge the way things are done and influence positive change. In these webinars, we will be thinking ‘big picture’ in terms of societal change, systems, process and public policy. If you’re brimming with thoughts and ideas or are looking for inspiration to bring about a fairer and more empowering society then we want to meet you! You can expect a thought-provoking and creative presentation, followed by time for discussion and sharing ideas and perspectives.

What Platform Will Thought Leadership Webinars Be On?

We will be holding these sessions on Zoom to make it convenient and accessible for attendees.

A secure link to the meeting will be in your inbox well in advance of the session date.

Why Are Imagineer Running Thought Leadership Webinars?

We encounter a range of situations and circumstances in our line of work at Imagineer and we’re keen to share what we’ve learnt through our practice and experience with others. We’re also eager to introduce attendees to different ways of doing things within the areas of health and social care and community. In fact, in some cases we have been responsible for creating new strategies and approaches to supporting individuals, operating under our ethos of ‘what is possible, not just what’s available’.

In turn, we hope to learn from other attendees and encourage new ideas to be generated that advocate for positive transformation in the world of social care, health and wider society.

Upcoming Thought Leadership Discussions

Launching in 2021 – keep an eye on our social media for updates!

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