Are you interested in learning more about Personalisation, Self-Directed Support & Strengths-Based Approaches?

The details of our next webinar series are shown below.

Series: Person-Centred Approaches

Grab your lunch and join us for some interesting and practical sessions, which will help to improve your knowledge and practice.

04/11/20 @ 12.30pm: Listening to a person’s dream (understanding how our dreams help us to move towards the reality we want to achieve)

11/11/20 @ 12.30pm: Listening to a person’s story (person-centred planning tools)

18/11/20 @ 12.30pm: Achieving the dream (person-centred planning tools)

25/11/20 @ 12.30pm: Creating meaningful connections (person-centred planning tools)

02/12/20 @ 12.30pm: Recognising and working with a person’s relationships (person-centred planning tools)

09/12/20 @ 12.30pm: Understanding how to develop and work with a Circle of Support

Attend a single session for £7.50; or purchase a place on all 6 sessions for £40 (£5 discount)

Please email: Liz@imagineer.org.uk to request a booking form or for further details.