Imagineer are looking for volunteers for a whole range of roles. As Imagineer runs a number of projects that volunteers can support with, this includes

  • Running music sessions through our Beat It programme,
  • Running arts and creative sessions through our Beat It programme,
  • Running a Beat It night once a month,
  • Through the Support Brokerage we provide we are keen to work with volunteers who would be interested in;
    • Supporting people to overcome challenges and barriers they are facing
    • To research options and opportunities that are available in peoples communities
    • To support to create connections in peoples communities and build peoples confidence to engage

Within the team of volunteers we have at Imagineer we look for fun, friendly people who are enthusiastic and also professional.

What is the recruitment process to become a volunteer for Imagineer?

1, Firstly contact a team member at Imagineer to discuss your interest and how you would like to be involved,

2, If you are interested in becoming a volunteer we would send you a volunteer application form to complete and arrange a short interview,

3, We would then follow up references and DBS checks,

4, On receipt of DBS information and completed references we would organise an induction and training for you as a volunteer,

5, Once on the team of volunteers you will be given opportunities to be involved in team meetings, ongoing training sessions and supervisions.

Are you interested?

If you are interested in our volunteer opportunities please;

Email: [email protected]

Phone: 01422 363817