Strength Based Approaches

Imagineer offers a creative and thought provoking one day workshop on Strengths Based Approaches.

The term Strength Based has been prominent within Community Development for over 20 years.  The term underpins a movement which is interested in recognising what makes up a community; the people, the places and the resources.

Within Strength Based approaches there is an intention to create a stronger place for everyone through focusing on the strengths that each one of these elements has to offer one another and the local area and to intentionally bring about connections and opportunities amongst these elements.

It moves away from a deficit model which purely focuses and the issues and problems that reside in an area with the belief that focusing on any particular area of a community helps to give that area a prominence and any activity that focuses on the negative areas, whether intention or not, more often than not means that them areas escalate.

During this one day workshop the following will be covered;

What is taking place within a local community,

Recognising the places, people and resources that reside within a community,

Methods to map a community,

Building a rapport with someone and holding conversations that helps to identify their interests, skills, passions and knowledge.

Developing the skill to see opportunities and connections and introducing these in a manner that fits with Self Directed Support,

Overcoming the barriers to achieving a stronger community,

This day will lead to participants feeling inspired and confident to make a difference in the communities where they reside, live and work.

If you would be interested in taking part in this workshop, contact Imagineer

Telephone: 01422 363817

Email: [email protected]