Awareness Session

An Experience with Ash – 2 Hour Awareness Session

An awareness session on what it is like to direct your own support and to show how vital it is to individuals. Using personal experiences, tools and scenarios in order to give a full reality of what life is like with and without the right support.

Through the session Ashley Taylor will be speaking about his life and how the use of services has impacted his life. He will be sharing the barriers and challenges he has faced and how he has overcome them.

He will also be giving scenarios and examples of his and other people’s day to day life to see how the audience reacts with situations and their opinions on them.

Ash will also be sharing a tool which he created as a fun way to engage with people. This tool is also a way to identify an individual’s personal interests, skills and ambitions. It is also a great way to match up individuals with PA’s and Carers who have the same interests.

This session can also be adapted longer or shorter depending on the audience. Please get in touch with Imagineer to book this session!