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About the trainers!

Liz Leach Murphy

Founder, Director, Consultant, Trainer, Support Broker, Graphic Facilitator

Liz’s approach to TrainingConsultationPlanning and Support Brokerage is an informed and progressive one which has evolved over several years. Today, it embraces her specialist training and varied experience, combining the complementary disciplines to deliver a highly personalised approach which is as relevant and ambitious as it is realistic and achievable.

To find out more about Liz please visit her profile on the meet the team page

Sarah Holmes

Director, Consultant, Trainer and Support Broker

Sarah is a freelance consultant working with health and social care sector organisations to help them improve, innovate, develop and grow.

Sarah has 20 years of experience working across the provider sector as a front-line worker, Registered Manager and Business Development Manager.  With a deep understanding of the provider and statutory sectors, she has a unique skillset in building a bridge from traditional care and support models to the innovative and personalised approaches which are championed within the Care Act 2014.

To find out more about Sarah please visit her profile on the meet the team page

Imagineer Development UK CIC is a social enterprise based in the North of England with a national reach.
In our first ten years we have:

In the past 10 years, we have developed as a skilled and knowledgeable organisation, providing Support Brokerage and Brokerage Management support to people who wish to plan, arrange and Self-Direct their own care and support arrangements using Direct Payments, Individual Service Funds, Personal Health Budgets or other Personal Budgets.

Imagineer Training and Mentoring

Graphic Facilitation Training

Get Creative with our Graphic Facilitation Training! This is an online training course.

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Support Brokerage Mentoring

Group mentoring and individual sessions can be provided for peer support with other independent brokers from around the UK.

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Support Brokerage Training

The course is designed as a full programme which will give you all of the information, understanding and practical tools you need to be able to practice as an Support Broker.

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