Nichola Dean

Support Broker

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Hello my name is Nichola and I have worked in the social care field for seven years. I began my journey as a support worker working with young adults with autism in a supported living house in Calderdale, it was during this time that I realised people were not living their lives with choice and control and I dreamt of becoming an advocate for people who needed help to have their voices heard and to live a full and meaningful life.

I then moved to Bradford and began working with adults with learning disabilities in their homes and also in the community, during this time I also began working with children’s services as an inclusive club leader working with young people aged 11 – 25 that have various disabilities and complex health needs.

The years passed by as I brought up my children and put my all into my support work, the opportunity then came for me to become a person centred review facilitator working with adults with both learning and physical disabilities (roughly translated this role involves working with people, their families and paid support to create positive change around things that are not working for them and also their hopes and dreams for their future) ps I am now also a trained advocate.

I am a friendly, caring, approachable and passionate person who is not afraid of a challenge; I love to be around people and am a good listener.

Music is my passion and I enjoy listening to many different artists and bands, I love live music and festivals and am travelling to Austria this year with friends to a festival in the Alps.

I also love to cook for my friends and family and enjoy walks out with my children and my dog.

I believe that life is for living and that with the right support and help we can all achieve our dreams and aspirations.