Support Planning

What is a Support Plan?

A Support Plan is an individuals plan that captures the detail about what is important in their life, what is working well for them and also the areas of their life that are causing them concern.

A Support Plan should form the basis of positive action towards an improved future.

A Support Plan is focused and lead by the individual and will be very much shaped by what they want to share, what they want to focus on and the areas of their life that they wish to achieve or change.

An individualised Support Plan can start life as a blank sheet of paper.  The content builds over time until the important information has been captured that truly represents the person, this can include;

  • Their passions,
  • Their interests
  • Their skills
  • Their connections
  • Their future direction

Local Authorities and Clinical Commissioning Groups require people to complete a Support Plan as part of the process to access a Personal Health Budget or a Personal Budget (sometimes known as a Direct Payment)

In these circumstances a pre formatted form is usually provided which the person would complete with the support from people that they choose to have involved and with involvement from their Social Worker or Clinical Nurse.

The content of a Support Plan should be led by the individual and the people who are important in their lives, which could include their Circle of Support.

The content of these types of Support Plan include;

  • What is important to the person
  • What they wish to change and / or achieve
  • What is working
  • What is not working
  • How the person will be supported or cared for
  • How the person will stay in control, who will make important decisions
  • How any risk or potential risk will be reduced and what contingency plans will be put in place
  • How the Personal Budget or Personal Health Budget will be used
  • How the plan will be put into action after the plan has been approved

Person Led

When completing a Support Plan for the Local Authority or a Clinical Commissioning Team it is still possible for the person to start their Support Plan with a blank sheet of paper and for the content of the plan to be led by them and what they want to capture and share.

Once this plan is completed the information can then be transferred onto the pre formatted official Support Plan form and any gaps in information completed.

This approach means that the person is leading the process and the plan is more informed about what is important to them.

Person Centred Planning

At Imagineer we have a trained, skilled and experienced of Person Centred Planning facilitators. The team are able to facilitate;

PATHs – Planning Alternative Tomorrows with Hope

MAPs – Making Action Plans

ELP – Essential Lifestyle Plans

Personal Futures Plans

We can work with anyone to develop their Person Centred Plan and we are experienced in working with people in complex situations or with limited verbal communication and we do so in a very creative, engaging and effective way.

Reviewing progress

We can support with the reviewing of progress which helps to keep things on track. By holding regular review meetings with the people the person wants to involve, this may include their team or their Circle of Support.

The frequency of the review meetings will be determined by the person and these can fluctuate depending on what is happening in their life at any particular time.  At Imagineer we find that people value regular meetings when their are changes taking place in their life or when their are a number of issues that need to be addressed.


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