Support Brokerage

Support Brokerage

The Founder of Imagineer, Liz Leach has recently published a paper about Support Brokerage in association with The Centre for Social Welfare Reform (Download Paper Here).

Support Brokerage originated in North America in the late 1970′s and has been developed in the UK since 1996 with the introduction of the Direct Payments Act in 1996.Support Brokerage

Imaginer provides support brokerage for customers in Halifax, Bradford, Leeds, Manchester and surrounding areas.

A support broker will help you to speak out/up when you feel something is not right with your care/support.

They will look into what options are available for you and will then liaise with the correct people to find out the cost and other relevant information that you will want to know.

Support brokers are your independent guides to make sure you can live the life of your choice if you are a disabled person, older person or family carer.

Following the In Control and Care Services Improvement Partnerships national self-directed support pilots in 2005 and 2007, Support brokerage is seen as a crucial component of the move towards the transformation of social care under the Governments’ Personalisation policies.

For a useful summary of why brokers can be useful, have a look at these Ten Broker Statements

At Imagineer we offer;

    • Support Planning / Person Centred Planning
    • Information, Advice and Guidance
    • Signposting
    • Circles of Support development
    • Brokerage Management
    • Training and Development
    • Mediation and Negotiation

Support Planning

  • Imagineer can help you make a plan that is right for you.
  • When supporting you to develop your plan we will make sure that all the information a local authority or clinical commissioning group needs is included.
  • Whichever way you want to plan we will make it possible.
  • At Imagineer we draw on Person Centred Planning when we are planning with people and their Circle of Support.

Circles of Support

  • A circle of support is a group of friends or relatives that want to help you plan and live your life how you want and need, these people can be anyone you choose, this could be a next door neighbour, a close family friend, and friends from your local pub club or where ever you go at the minute.
  • At Imagineer we can work with you to set up a circle of support.
  • Have a look at our website

More Information about Imagineer

  • Brokers at Imagineer are trained through the National Brokerage Network.
  • We charge £30.00 per hour for all aspects of Support Brokerage (£45.00 per hour for consultancy with Liz)
  • We recognise the budget constraints for both individuals and services, we therefore believe in offering a fair charge and delivering only what is needed, therefore we offer bespoke support to meet your requirements.
  • At the beginning of a working relationship we will develop an agreement with you to clearly show what input is required from Imagineer.  This will ensure that our input and time is used affectively and any cost associated with our work is kept to a minimum.
  • We are an independent organisation.  So only answer to our customers, to get them the best support they want and need

If you choose Imagineer to work with you as your independent support broker we will first spend time with you discussing what you are looking to achieve and the input that you would like from the team at Imagineer.  We will then write this up into a working party agreement so that everyone involved can be clear about expectations and time frames.  Please do not worry, at Imagineer we are not bound to paperwork and have a very clear focus on you and working with you, doing what needs to be done, to support you to get to where you want to be.

We will utilise all our knowledge, skills and connections to support you to move forward.

You can either call to discuss this further or you can utilise our on line system to secure some time with ourselves.