Support Brokerage Training

What is Support Brokerage training?

The course is designed as a full programme which will give you all of the information, understanding and practical tools you need to be able to practice as an Support Broker.

There is an option to take the accreditation and to then become registered with Support Brokerage Network.

In order to achieve accreditation, participants must attend all sessions, and submit a completed five completed workbook and support plan.

Learners should expect to complete an element of self-directed study/reading and coursework time outside of the training sessions.

There are 5 units to the course which are delivered over 8 x 2 hrs sessions delivered online over zoom.

We can tailor the course delivery for learners of all abilities. We will discuss your learning needs with you when you make your booking enquiry.

Who is Support Brokerage training for?

  • Individuals who want to self-direct their own support and/or act as self-advocates
  • Family members who want to be involved in self-directing the support of a relative
  • Anyone providing information, advice & guidance within a community, health and social care context
  • Anyone involved in doing Person-Centred Planning or developing Support Plans
  • Individuals working in Direct Payment or Personal Health Budget teams
  • Individuals working in Self Directed Support teams
  • Health & Social Care provider organisations
  • Social Care & Health professionals with an interest or involvement in Personalisation

Support Brokerage Training Content*

  • The historical development of Self Directed Support
  • The values and approaches relating to ‘Personalisation’ and Self Directed Support
  • An introduction to the legal frameworks relevant to Self Directed Support
  • Understanding the differences between Support Brokerage, Advocacy, Social Work and Care Management
  • The practical skills needed to support someone to access a Personal Budget, Personal Health Budget, Direct Payment or Individual Service Fund
  • A brief introduction to Individual Service Funds and the practical functions associated with them
  • Exploring the wider range of Community Development &  Strengths-based approaches  to understand how support brokerage fits with these
  • Tools, techniques and approaches integral to Person-Centred planning & Community Mapping
  • Learn how to develop a Support Plan
  • Learn how to create a budget for a plan and how to present this within a Support Plan
  • Contingency planning and addressing risk in a person-centred and positive way
  • Ensuring quality and measuring outcomes
*Non Accredited and Accredited options available

Here is some feedback from past course attendees:

Mandy’s Story

Jo’s video story:

The Trainers 

The course is delivered by members of the Support Brokerage Network who are skilled trainers and experienced practitioners of Support Brokerage. The trainers will provide an engaging and informative learning experience, drawing on their own personal experience of providing Support Brokerage and their up-to-date knowledge in the developments of Self-Directed Support.

You can book Support Brokerage training in the following ways:

  • Commission Imagineer to deliver bespoke training for your organisation (or group together locally with other organisations in your area to arrange a ‘consortium’ training programme) tailored to your learning requirements
  • Book a place, or places, on a open programme.  The are dates set for these throughout the year as outlined below

Our 2022 Support Brokerage Dates: 

All sessions start at 10:00am and finish at 12:00pm

February 2022: 7th Feb, 8th Feb, 14th Feb, 15th Feb, 21st Feb, 22nd Feb, 28th Feb and 1st March.

May 2022: 9th May, 10th May, 16th May, 17th May, 23rd May, 24th May, 6th June and 7th June.

September 2022: 12th Sept, 13th Sept, 19th Sept, 20th Sept, 26th Sept, 27th Sept, 3rd Oct and 4th Oct.

The training sessions will be followed by 2 further ‘workbook workshop’ sessions to help learners complete their workbooks and support plans for accreditation (dates to be confirmed).

Bookings & Enquiries:



David Bingham- Director, Space Inclusive (Nottingham)

“As we continue to work with Mollie Williams , Liz Leach Murphy and Sarah Holmes on our support planning development, I can’t recommend them enough. If you’re serious about ensuring people you support are in control of their own support this training has to be worth a look!”


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