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About the Support Brokerage Network

The Support Brokerage Network

The Support Brokerage Network supports the development and delivery of Support Brokerage, a Strengths Based Approach which is fundamental in the realisation of Self Directed Support.

The Support Brokerage Network strives to achieve a world in which all people are free to make their own choices, have their voice heard, express their individuality, pursue their dreams and live the life that they want to lead.

The Support Brokerage Network believes that:

The Aim of the Support Brokerage Network:

The aim of the Support Brokerage Network is to provide good leadership, drive and guidance in the development and delivery of Support Brokerage and Self Directed Support.

The Support Brokerage Network achieves this through the provision of:

At the Support Brokerage Network we:

Support Brokerage Network – The People

The Support Brokerage Network consists of:

Support Brokerage Network Quality Charter

Support Brokers who are registered and are members of the Support Brokerage Network are committed to working within the key values and approaches set out in the Support Brokerage Quality Charter:

Key values and approaches:

Person-Centred and Co-produced Approach:


  • I will make sure you understand how to contact me; and that I understand the best way that you would like me to contact you
  • I will listen to you and repeat information back to you to show that I have been listening; and to check that I fully understand what you are saying

The idea of Support Brokerage seems simple; helping people to find their way through barriers and complexities to a better life.

However there has been a lot of confusion about what it should mean, who can do it and how it works.

This important paper provides a new starting point for Support Brokerage:

  • Not another industry – just a new way which frees up peoples creativity
  • Not a narrowly defined planning role – but working alongside people to make change happen
  • Support Brokerage is a good way of thinking about how we can become allies to positive change as people take control over their own lives.
The publisher is The Centre for Welfare Reform.

Re-Imagining Brokerage © Liz Leach 2015.

All Rights Reserved. No part of this paper may be reproduced in any form without permission from the publisher except for the quotation of brief passages in reviews.

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