Student Social Work Placement

Student Social Worker Placement

Imagineer Development UK CIC provides a setting for students on second year placement for their social worker degree.  Whilst students are on placement with an Imagineer they received the opportunity to get involved in assessment and support planning work whilst also gaining the opportunity of seeing a different perspective on Strengths Based Approach rooted in Community, Person Centred Planning and Self Directed Support.

Here is some of the feedback we have received from the students…


Whilst being on placement at Imagineer, it proved to be an essential step on my journey as a Social Worker. The opportunities which were presented to me whilst being on placement allowed me to enhance my skills further and help me to understand how to apply these skills in a person centred manner. The several training sessions which I attended whilst being at Imagineer has helped me to understand how I am able to put this knowledge into practice, especially the Graphic Facilitation Training which is offered here at Imagineer has allowed me to capture the conversation by using images instead of words. The Beat It Sessions has helped me to feel comfortable in different environmental settings but also to work with clients in these different setting which has helped me to get to know the clients better. All of these skills will benefit me for future practices as all of them are transferable.


Placement at Imagineer proved to be a crucial step in my journey to becoming a social worker.  The opportunities that were presented to me enabled me to enhance my practice in terms of intervention and creative person centred methods that empowered individuals to make their own choices about their care and support. Recreational activities such as the Beat It music sessions were very good to be a part of as the liberation of choice, control and independence was reflected through enjoyable musical experiences. As a social work student, Imagineer has widened my berth in terms of my skills and values. The Support Brokerage training offered by the organisation impacted my learning and practice in a positive way. The placement provided me with transferable skills that could be applied in practice. The team are very friendly and helpful and the support around me created a pleasant working atmosphere. The most enjoyable aspect of placement has been the work that I did with The Outsiders. The band is fantastic and has excelled in their wide range of abilities. I organised a couple of gigs for The Outsiders to play at Bradford College and the response we got was amazing. I would definitely recommend the placement to future social work students!


Imagineer has helped me adopt a person centred approach. There has been a lot of training opportunities such as Support Brokerage and Person Centred Planning.

The Beat It sessions offer an opportunity to meet some amazing people and get involved in something creative and rewarding.

Imagineer has aided my development in many ways; it has allowed me to gain exposure to adult social care. I was privileged enough to work with adults with learning disabilities; this allowed me to recognise the implication of current law such as Mental Capacity Act (2005) and Mental Health (2007) with voluntary service users.

As a student Imagineer also helped me understand the importance of supervision, reflective practice and the importance of working within a team.

Reflective journals enabled me to critically review my practice and recognise the association of the professional capabilities framework (PCF). The support available at my placement helped me acknowledge that social work is eminent in everyday life and this allowed me to meet all the domains of the PCF.  The onsite practice educator is absolutely fantastic in aiding student development and helped me recognise my capabilities as a social worker and student.


As a student social worker, Imagineer has been a great place to do my work placement. I have learnt a lot during my time here and have done training in Support Brokerage and Person Centred Planning which I can use in practice. I have also had the opportunity to get involved in the Beat It sessions and Beat It nightclubs. These are both a great opportunity for people who attend to socialise with others and I have enjoyed meeting the people who attend. I have also done some work with the band The Outsiders, who are amazing and I hope they achieve their dream to go on tour as they all work so hard. The staff are great and always helpful, thank you all! Keep doing what you do it’s fantastic


Hello everyone! I am a student social worker on my first placement here at Imagineer. I started in January and will have completed my 70 days by the end of May.

Before I started my placement here at Imagineer I researched online to find out more about the organisation and the work they do. From this I learnt that their mission is to create opportunities that will enable people to develop and shape their own personal aspirations and future.

During my time here I have taken part in Person Centred Planning training and this has been extremely beneficial in understanding how to understand individuals’ methods of communication and knowing when and how to intervene. One of the values here at Imagineer is empowerment as we strongly believe that people are the experts of their own lives. This allows us to make things possible as we encourage people to look at the positive and possible when thinking about their future and day to day lives.

The organisation also provides excellent training possibilities, such as: Support Brokerage, Person Centred Planning and Graphic Facilitation. We work with: families, individuals, community groups/providers, other brokers etc.

I started here in January and have been involved in working with an individual to find volunteering opportunities for him to participate in. This required communication skills and also met the PCF domain 7 – intervention and skills and I am finding this experience beneficial as it allows me to directly work with an individual. One of the main aspects I appreciate about Imagineer is that we work in a very person centred way and I understand that this may not allows be feasible in a statutory environment due to time and resource constraints.

During my time here I have had the chance to watch The Outsiders perform a Bradford College and they were amazing! The Outsiders are a group of extremely talented individuals who pooled together their personal budgets and formed a band. The success of this band is amazing and the group is loved wherever they go! Recently we have generate a massive interest where people are hoping to start a band of their own and I strongly believe that this was all due to the talents of every individual in the band.

I also enjoy attending the Beat It sessions here at the office and have formed trusting relationships with the individuals who attend on a weekly basis. The sessions are very much service user led, and usually consist of arts and crafts, music and lots of fun!

When I go onto my next placement and also throughout my social work career I will always apply the person centred approach that is implemented here at Imagineer to ensure that the service I provide is the most effective and supportive for all of the individuals I will work with.