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Supporting the Community during the Pandemic

Supporting individuals to learn how to use online

For some people the UK’s lockdown due to the Coronavirus is a massive deal. People are not used to staying in their homes 24/7 and are finding very difficult being away from the people they usually see in their day to day lives.

The sudden changes in routine have come as a big shock to people and adapting is very challenging.

Imagineer have been supporting individuals to learn how to use online video calls to help them to keep in touch with one another.

Within the first two weeks of lock down we have been able to:

  1. Move the Beat It sessions to online delivery, we have reached out to everyone we work with through Beat It and helped people get set up for online sessions.
  2. Support The Outsiders to rehearse together and write songs using Skype and Zoom.
  3. Research a host of resources available to people online for musical and creative engagement and we have circulated these.
  4. Stream the Beat It night online tomorrow night where there will be a live set and a DJ taking requests into the night, this is the first trial and next time we will be running a Zoom call at the same time for people to catch up with each other.
  5. Run a weekly Brew Crew online to get people together for a chat and support each other.
  6. Develop Corvid information and resources for people who employ their own teams, this has been shared openly on social media. We have had people from across the country thanking Imagineer for this resource and explaining how they would use this in their local area.
  7. Support people to find solutions in their local areas.
  8. Develop the ‘Support Your Street’ pack which has been made available to anyone wishing to do more with and for their local neighbours / community.

We will continue to support the people and communities we have connections with, and those we can make connections with during this difficult time

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