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Gifts (of the Head, Hands, Heart and Connections) Template


Thinking about the Gifts we have shifts the focus of the conversation into appreciating the positive qualities we have to enjoy and share with others.

Creating some time to talk, and think about, gifts build confidence in a person’s own identity and in what other people would value from what that person can share with people around them and their wider community.

Starting a conversation where a person can share what they recognise as the gifts of the head, heart, hand and connection and if it seems like the right thing to do opening up this conversation to gain the perspectives of the other people in the person’s life and what they see as the persons gifts.

If the aim is to think about how the person can become better connected or more involved in their community; recognising a person’s gifts can be the first stepping stone to map out the possibilities and potential to achieve this by exploring questions such as;

  1. Are there local people, groups or associations who would find these areas of skill and knowledge useful?
  2. Who lives in this area and would share the same passions?
  3. Which community space would make most sense in making connections and finding a purpose? (Would this be the local community, a community of interest or a faith-based community?)
  4. Would there be opportunities to share skills with others, where a skill can be taught or shared to help others in exchange of receiving help?
  5. How does the recognition of the persons gifts match with their current life experience or day to day life routines, and are there some changes that would make sense?

Through exploring how gifts link to connections and purpose in this way it is possible to find opportunities to achieve meaningful connections and a sense of purpose.

This tool has been developed from an original concept derived from Asset Based Community Development, and specifically from the work of John McKnight, Jody Kretzmann and Mike Green.

The concept of ‘connection’ was later added by Bob Rhodes.


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