Meet the Team

Mollie Williams – Support Broker and Graphic Facilitator

I have always been a creative person, always had a love for drawing and now I have been doing it as a Graphic facilitator for since 2015!

My greatest strength is supporting others to find creative solutions in order to plan out their aspirations and goals through visual imagery.

I facilitate a two day Graphic Facilitation training courses through Imagineer Development UK CIC teaching others how to make every meeting meaningful. In this course people learn
◄ The basics of Graphic Facilitation
◄ How to Graphic in Real Time
◄ The Meaning of Colours

Sarah Holmes – Director, Consultant, Trainer and Support Broker.

Sarah is a freelance consultant working with health and social care sector organisations to help them improve, innovate, develop and grow.

Sarah has 20 years of experience working across the provider sector as a front-line worker, Registered Manager and Business Development Manager.  With a deep understanding of the provider and statutory sectors she has a unique skill set in building a bridge from traditional care and support models to the innovative and personalised approaches which are championed within the Care Act 2014.

Sarah has significant experience of working with the ‘Transforming Care’ agenda and in particular with Individual Service Design for people requiring bespoke housing and support solutions.

She has a passion for personalised support and strength-based approaches which are rooted in local communities.

Sarah is a non-paid Director for Imagineer Development UK CIC and a member of the National Brokerage Network (NBN); involved in delivering and raising awareness of Independent Support Brokerage and Self-directed support approaches across the UK.

With a wide breadth of experience, Sarah has provided support to a wide range of organisations including training, service development, stakeholder management and the implementation of ISFs and other self-directed approaches.

Liz Leach Murphy – Founder, Director, Consultant, Trainer, Support Broker, Graphic Facilitator

Liz founded Imagineer Development UK CIC, an organisation that offers independent support brokerage, and built it into the small but busy social enterprise it is today. Imagineer is a locally-rooted community organisation with a national reach.

Liz is the lead representative of the National Brokerage Network (NBN) which sits as a sub committee to Imagineer and has been delivering the NBN /OCN accredited Support Brokerage training since 2010.

Liz is a Fellow of the Centre for Welfare Reform, a member of the Coop for Welfare Reform and a freelance associate.
A skilled and experienced consultant in the fields of Support Brokerage, Strengths Based Approaches, Person Centred Planning, Personalisation, Self-Directed Support and community.
With a track record of successful outcomes and a reputation built on commitment and professionalism, over the years she has worked with a wide range of individuals, families, charitable/community organisations, Local Authorities and CCGs to realise the aspirations of self direction.

Liz’s approach to training, consultation, planning and support brokerage is an informed and progressive one which has evolved over several years. Today it embraces her specialist training and varied experience, combining the complementary disciplines to deliver a highly personalised approach which is as relevant and ambitious as it is realistic and achievable.