Individual Service Fund (ISF)

Individual Service Fund (ISF)

An Individual Service Fund is when someone’s Individual Budget, personal budget or personal health budget is held by a service provider on the understanding that it will be spent according to his or her individual support plan or spent to meet the individuals support or health care needs.Individual Service Fund

This approach allows the individual to select a provider that will best help them get the life they want. This is an option for someone who doesn’t want to take on the day to day management of their budget themselves.

Key features of an Individual Service Fund with Imagineer include:

  • All or part of a budget will be held by Imagineer on your behalf where the money is use to meet your support and health care needs and accounted for accordingly;
  • You are empowered to plan with Imagineer all aspects of your budget is used.
  • Flexibility to roll money/support over into future weeks or months and to bank support for particular purposes;
  • We would provide written information that clearly explains the arrangement and confirms any management costs to come from the personal budget.
  • Portability so that you can choose to use the money in a different way or with a different provider, We require a four week notice period with any changes unless discussed previously.

“Whatever the setting, an Individual Service Fund should always be accompanied by good support planning and flexible working arrangements that enable people to alter their support without continuous recourse to the service commissioner.”

To see what Imagineer offers regarding support planning please follow the below link

Support Brokerage

If you would like to see an example of how an Individual Service Fund can be used go to Centre for social welfare reform

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