What is it?

Signposting is the action of providing information about the range of services and supports available to the person.

The information would be specific to what the person requires and based on what they are looking for.

The action of signposting informs the person as fully as possible about the range of supports available to them based on connections within their local area aswell as regional, national and international points of contact.

Why is it important?

It means we are able to put people in touch with individuals, organisations and groups that can offer the expertise and experience required.

It aims to prevent people having to wait to find the input that they require at that time.

It broadens peoples connection within the community they live.

How do we do help

Firstly we listen to the persons circumstances and the help and support they require at that moment in time.

We the formulate some places to signpost the person to based on our existing connections and on research we will conduct for the person.

The person will then be provided with the details of the signposting, this would include contact details and introductions when appropriate.

The standard of Signposting provided at Imagineer means that the person can be confident in the response they will receive from the organisations, groups and individuals we have signposted them to.

The team at Imagineer will continue to be a point of contact for the person if the outcomes are not achieved for the person.