What is it

At Imagineer, we offer a range of Brokerage Management services to help you manage your Personal Budget, Personal Health Budget and your ongoing actions to led to meeting the outcomes you are aiming to achieve, this could include supporting you to manage your team of employees, i.e. Personal Assistants or Support Workers.

We offer these services with the hope that you may, overtime, begin to feel totally confident in doing this yourself with the understanding that the team here at Imagineer will always be here to provide you with support and guidance whenever you need it.

We do not offer a set service, but we do provide a bespoke service to meet your individual needs and requirements.

The range of input Imagineer providers through Brokerage Management include;

  • Recruitment
  • Team/Staff management
  • Payroll for your staff team
  • Management of the Personal Budget or Personal Health Budget through a Managed Account or Individual Service Fund
  • Rota development, which can include organising short notice cover
  • Facilitation of team meetings
  • Facilitation of 1:1’s, Supervisions and Appraisals
  • The development of induction training that is bespoke to you covering what you feel is important for your team members to understand and do well.  We can also support you to deliver this training
  • The co-ordination of other training that you feel is important for your team, i.e. first aid, food hygiene, communication
  • The identification of funding sources available to you and support to apply for this funding

Short term transitional support

Imagineer can also offer unbiased support when things have gone wrong or there are issues that need to be resolved between yourself and your team.  We have successfully supported people to manage disciplinary procedures with positive outcomes.

PA / Support Worker Recruitment 

If you are interested in doing PA work please get in touch as we will be able to add your details to our PA database.

If you would like more information please contact us.

Telephone: 01422 363817

Address: 36 Gibbet Street, Halifax, HX1 5BA

Brokerage Management cost per hour: £30.00

Payroll Cost: £6.50 Per Payslip

Managed Account Cost: £15 per month