EDG – Edinburgh Development Group

Imagineer and EDG have twinned!

“A great question refuses to be answered so it keeps leading us into deeper connections with each other into deeper thinking” – Judith Snow

Imagineer and EDG’s (www.edg-sco.org) ‘thinking’ begun in 2013. EDG had been exploring support brokerage training with the imminent introduction of the Scottish Government Self-Directed Support Scotland Act. A web search found Imagineer. We wanted to find people who were genuine and able to train us from real experience and with Inclusion at their heart. (Inclusion is about willingness to take a unique difference and develop it as a gift to others – it is not about disability Judith Snow).
Liz Leach came up to The Festival City in August 2013 and stayed for 6 days in my Edinburgh Flat. On Monday morning at the Ellersley House Hotel 3 EDG team members with 1 team member from Inclusion Alliance and 3 team members from The Thistle Foundation all immersed ourselves in the National support brokerage course for the next 5 days.
By the end of the 5 days it was clear that EDG and Imagineer were like-minded organisations. Later in 2014 Liz came back to Scotland to run another national support brokerage course for other professionals and remaining EDG team members.
Over the last 3 years as we have learned more about our 2 organisations we recognise our shared ‘values of inclusion’ as described by Heather Simmons on youtube.edg-logo (2)
Everyone is born ‘in’.
All mean ‘All’
Everyone needs to be ‘in’
Everyone is ready
Everyone needs support
Everyone can learn
Everyone can contribute
Everyone contribute
So as we have made, ‘deeper connections’, we asked the question, Cities across the world twin with each other so why not organisations?
EDG and Imagineer have decided to twin not just sharing social media links but also to explore skills match – what skills do we have and what could we share with each other, dedicate so many days to each other each year ………… so it keeps leading us into deeper connections with each other into deeper thinking. Leading to positive inclusion for all.