Consultancy support which enables your organisation to positively re-think approaches and take action!

Is your organisation looking to support the development of stronger, more resilient communities where good connections help people to thrive?

  • Do you need to get your team on-board with Strengths-Based ways of working?
  • Are you based in the community/voluntary sector and wanting to bring more emphasis on solution-focused and strengths-based ways of working?
  • Do you want a greater emphasis on Self-Directed Support in the help and resources you provide?
  • Do you need some support with creative vision-setting or visual problem-solving and change management?
  • Is there a project or development idea which you need support with to get off the ground?
  • Do you need an injection of inspiration, motivation, enthusiasm and creativity to get things moving?

Using our wealth of experience of working within the Health and Social Care, Community and Voluntary sectors; we dynamically guide organisations like yours from where they are now to where they want to be.

Why you may need Consultancy support from us

As a leader of an organisation, you can often feel very frustrated! You have a vision, good intentions and ambitions; but you don’t know where to start in order to make them a reality. You get distracted by the busy day-to-day running of your organisation. Actions get delayed. Conversations get forgotten. Transformation gets further and further out of reach…

How does our Consultancy service work in practice?

We work flexibly with you and your team to understand what you’re trying to achieve. We then work collaboratively with you on developing the most creative, imaginative and yet practical ways to make improvements; moving you closer to your vision.

Utilising colourful creative thinking and helpful visualisation techniques, our engaging, solution-focused and exciting style of consultancy unlocks your thinking to generate out-of-the-box ideas and answers.

Our lively and proactive approach makes your goals a reality and makes the process enjoyable and memorable.

Our online consultancy support enables you to manage your budget efficiently- ensuring you are paying for our time spent directly on supporting you. Online consultancy support takes place via the Zoom platform.

We are happy to explore with you and plan for times when it might be appropriate for us to visit you in person to do some direct consultancy work face-to-face; but we will need to charge for travel time as well as direct support time in this instance.

Identifying and building on strengths

We always start from a position of understanding your unique strengths as an organisation- what you do well, what’s working really well, and where you have strong connections in your local area. We explore the underpinning values which uphold your work as an organisation and use that as a starting point to connecting your team back into their ‘why’.

For example, say you’re trying to help the people you support to identify and feel closer to their community connections. We can assist you in navigating the journey of getting your team involved and enthusiastic, by bringing to life the values motivating and underpinning this approach.

Through sharing success stories, educating your team and building their confidence, we can encourage them to open up their thinking!

Avoiding a one-size-fits-all solution, we take the time to listen to where your organisation is now and collaboratively support you to enjoy finding your own unique path forward.

We offer strategic solutions and practical support to help you overcome the challenges that are holding you back; helping you to manage the change your team needs.

What areas do we consult on?

We can offer bespoke support to your organisation that brings desired results in the following areas:

  • Change management
  • Project planning and development support
  • Strengths-based approaches
  • Support Brokerage

We’re looking forward to hearing from you!

We’d love to chat to you about your current organisational needs and ideas to explore whether we’d be a good fit to work with you and your team.

To chat about a Consultancy opportunity for you and your team, please get in touch with us:

Tel: 07572 322200 or email We look forward to hearing from you!


Sharon Hobbs- Welcome & Advice Hub lead, Regents Hall (Salvation Army; Oxford Street, London)

“The Welcome & Advice Hub is a new project at Regents Hall Salvation Army which aims to provide an intentional “Welcome” and support to people in our community- those who live, work and visit here. Imagineer are supporting us to develop our project, and we are keen to offer support brokerage focused on activity and not need; working with people to facilitate their dreams using self-directed actions.

Our experience so far working with Liz and Sarah has been inspirational. They have supported us to develop a project plan for our new centre using visual mind-mapping with pictures and diagrams. Working like this has made a huge difference- it has effectively highlighted thoughts and concrete actions.”

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