Sharon – Support Brokerage

Being PA to Ant and Daisy on their own personal budget is great fun.

It is a fantastic experience enabling so much more choice for activities, days out, and chill out time.
Being able to work closely with Daisy in a small regular team has helped build a trusting, professional relationship for all.

General skills and experience picked up from immediate family are so important to providing the best ever support Daisy could ever wish for.

One of the exciting things Daisy do is going to Henshaws where they have made lots of friends.

The new friends Daisy have made, are including them in conversations, activities, and even party invites often leaving us PA’s feeling left out but never unhappy!

It is refreshing to see many of Daisy’s new friends ask questions directly to them instead of over them. As PA’s we can help interpret answers to keep the conversation flowing and ensure Daisy stay included. I am learning everyday and enjoy every minute.

The choices Daisy have, in how they spend their time is very important, and I feel very honoured to be part of it.

I am learning everyday and enjoy every minute.

I love the fact that I look forward so much to going to work in the morning and go home really happy.

Sharon Dopson