Rob – The Outsiders

Rob has always wanted to be a rock star, on stage and making his guitar squeal!!

Rob came along to the auditions for The Outsiders in Dec 2009 and his pure enthusiasm and rock status got him into the band.

He has been one of the backbone members of the band since that time and continues to rock out at the gigs The Outsiders.

Rob has been one of the forefront members of the band and contributes ideas for songs, gigs, set lists and jam sessions.

All the band members have appreciated Rob being a part of the band from day one, his energy makes a huge difference and is guaranteed to get the audience going every time.

Being part of the band has just made a huge difference to Rob, the rest of the band and his support workers but also his family. This was really obvious during their first performance when his mum and dad where completely overwhelmed by what their son had achieved. They remain strong supporters of the band.

Rock on Rob!!! Rock and Rock