Paul – Support Brokerage

It has been now about 2 years since Imagineer came into our lives to help with our wonderful little man Paul.

Since entering adulthood it has been a continuing battle with social services to get any help or ongoing support with Paul

For seven years it has been a continuum of social workers who have constantly changed and none of whom who have spent any time getting together to spend time and get to know the essence of who Paul is. Despite this, they seemed to feel they were quite qualified to complete support plan s and state what they believed the best plan for his future

To have Nichola from Imagineer come into our lives to start work with Paul was like sunshine on a rainy day. From the minute she came into our home it was like she just got it.

She listened, she understood and then she did what no-one else has done and spent time with Paul, starting very slowly at his pace, getting to know him, what he liked, what he didn’t like, what makes him happy, what makes him sad, she got know the very essence of what Paul is and then produced an amazing in-depth support plan that was about Paul.

Then over the months she fought our corner with social workers, acted as an intermediary when I just couldn’t face it any more and remained consistently optimistic that we will get there…

She has eased us through the minefield of personal budgets and sailed us through recruitment and interviews of support workers.

We now have two amazing support workers a personal budget which enables Paul to develop his musical ability, his sport, and various other pursuits. We are now actively on course pursuing employment for him and are confident that Paul will now at some point in the future progress into independent living. We are confident knowing Nichola and Imagineer are with us every step of the way

Nichola has been a constant inspiration and support throughout, Pauls adores her and she has possibly been the main factor in keeping me sane over the last couple of years, love her to bits

Imagineer are an amazing organisation and I would recommend everyone to involve them.

It has been a life changing experience.

– Mum

June 2015