Lorraine – The Outsiders

Lorraine came along for auditions for The Outsiders in August 2011 and joined the band as a lead singer in October 2011.

Since Lorraine has joined the band she has excelled as a singer and a performer. Lorraine has taken part in over twenty performances since joining The Outsiders, this has included performing at the first-ever Disability Rocks festival in Ilkley and to audiences of over one hundred people.

Lorraine’s confidence has grown so much over the last year and her belief in herself is now clear to see, she used to get dropped off at the studio and now she gets there herself, she really makes it clear to other band members which songs she would like to perform.

She has received so many positive accolades from people

“She is an amazing singer and dancer she lights up the stage”

“Lorraine can sing so well and has a strong voice, I love to hear her perform”

Lorraine has a busy life and takes part in a lot of activities, including acting and dancing. The Outsiders is a very important part of Lorraine’s life and she is very proud about being part of the band, as are her family and friends.

Lorraine now works with Beat It as a mentor for new musicians and shares her own experience and skills to develop other people’s confidence and abilities.