Bruno – The Outsiders

Bruno made an amazing contribution to The Outsiders, he first joined the group in January 2010.

A man with so much energy and belongs on the stage, a natural performer.

Not only did Bruno give so much to The Outsiders he also gained a great deal – he had the chance to follow his dream, he performed to packed audiences who where all up and dancing and appreciating every moment of it, he came to the band with great ideas and promoting The Outsiders what ever chance he had.

When Bruno first started with the band he came with support as he was not confident to travel from Sheffield to Leeds on his own…. Although after some time Bruno felt ready to do this for the first time. What a celebration we had when he arrived at the studio!

One of Brunos highlights when with the band was meeting Nick Hodgson from the Kaiser Chiefs…. And getting his cymbal signed. A moment I am sure he will always remember.

He has gone onto follow his aspirations and now lives to far to be able to continue with The Outsiders, although he did consider for a long time if it would be possible to travel from Birmingham to Leeds each week for rehearsals The Outsiders meant so much to him.

We all miss Bruno and I am sure he is making an amazing contribution to what ever he is doing.