Andrew W – The Outsiders

Andrew ‘Big Up’ Walsh, has been the backing singer/bass player and the audience rouser for The Outsiders since the band first started in January 2010.

When Andrew first got involved in The Outsiders he was already very busy, he went along to a number of projects in Leeds which he really enjoyed.

When Andrew got to know us a little better at the rehearsal studio he began to mention that he was feeling a bit bored on an evening and weekend. During these conversations it became clear that he was not receiving any additional support outside of the activities he was involved in during the week.

We asked him and his family if they would like to find out if they would be entitled to any support during the week, a referral for an assessment was made and after a period of time, Andrew started to receive a Personal Budget. Andrew now utilises this to be able to do other things with his time. This includes going to the gym, getting out in town more and going away for short breaks.

Andrew has achieved so much over the last two years, he has started to learn to play the bass guitar, he has received vocal coaching, he talks so much clearer when on the microphone and he is the life and soul of The Outsiders and he has established a big fan base in the time he has been with the band. He always received rave reviews and one audience member said;

‘That man makes being on stage look so natural he looks as though he is having the time of his life’

Andrew has also got to know other musicians that rehearse at Old Chapel studios and often chats with people about music and occasional jam sessions with them.

He has made a number of new friendships with other people in the band. He is now much more confident and he has recently written and performed a new Outsiders original song which Andrew wrote the lyrics and performs as the lead singer.

‘I love being in The Outsiders they are my friends and I love going on gigs and being on stage.’ Andrew Walsh