Support to “A” during the pandemic

Support during the Pandemic March 2020

“A” was concerned that he may not be able to go out and get essential food shopping due to the panic buyers raiding the supermarket shelves.

“A” contacted the team at Imagineer and talked about his concerns. Imagineer joined a Facebook group based in“A’s” local community and asked if anyone on the group had ideas of local supermarket slot times or if they knew of any other support happening in the local area that might be of use to “A”.
People of the community posted the shopping times that would be suitable for “A” which we then forwarded on to “A”.
Later a fresh fruit and veg market stall owner privately messaged Imagineer and informed them that they are going to be closing soon but they are going to be doing a delivery service to people’s homes who need it and they asked that Imagineer passed their contact details on to “A” and spoke to him.

“A” and is immediate support team made arrangements for food deliveries directly to his door.

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