Business Development for Support Brokers

Who is this for? 
Anyone who has completed the 5 day accredited Support Broker training and is planning to operate as an Independent Support Broker.
Business Development courses for Support Brokers are facilitated by recognised trainers from the National Brokerage Network; to support the establishment and development of a business model and income streams.

What is included?
Information and guidance on key business development issues.
Signposting to further reading & information. Handouts and templates for setting up and developing Support Brokerage as a business activity.

1 full day of training

Course content:

  • Understanding the breadth of income streams available to a Support Broker
  • Skills auditĀ  & self-development; outsourcing/referring/signposting
  • Understanding the foundations of setting up a business (Business planning; systems & processes)
  • Governance; (Insurance requirements; Legal Structures; Business accounts)
  • Lone-working; Risk Analysis and Risk Management
  • Networking, Marketing & Business Development
  • Developing a proposal and communicating your offer
  • Becoming aligned with the local and national strategies in relation to personalisation and adult social care
  • Record-keeping and GDPR
  • Continuous Professional Development; ongoing mentoring
  • Balancing business development and delivery

On completion of this full day of training, attendees will have the knowledge base to begin developing a business model for Support Brokerage.

Bookings & Enquiries

Telephone: 01422 363817