Our Social Mission – The Why

The social mission of Imagineer is to provide good help and support so that people can achieve their aspirations and dreams and live life to the full.

Imagineer is a Non for Profit social enterprise registered as a company limited by guarantee.

The team at Imagineer strive to achieve our social mission by providing an enabling space for activities, initiatives, innovative programmes and exciting social enterprise that further the practice of ‘Good Help’.

Our ‘Good Help’ space is inclusive but our network has a particular focus on supporting people with learning difficulties, physical disabilities, mental health issues or those who are experiencing social isolation.  

What we learn from our ‘Good Help’ space will be shared locally, regionally and nationally to demonstrate new innovations, what has been achieved and the potential to replicate this in other areas.

Embodying national ‘Good Help’ practices, all partners in our network ensure that people are placed at the centre of their own lives and that the principles of ‘Good Help’ are upheld.

The Values of Imagineer

  • Positivity: a strong belief that anything is possible.
  • Determination: never say never.
  • Empowerment: people are the experts in their own lives.
  • Integrity: be accountable and be transparent.
  • Togetherness: embrace the contribution of others.
  • Resourcefulness:  engaging all the assets and resources available to someone.
  • Accountability: We can demonstrate clearly how we have utilised our time and resources.
  • Mindful Practice: We consider our actions carefully to ensure we reach the best outcome.

Meet the team at Imagineer, the people who are dedicated to making all this happen.

Liz Leach
Managing Director, Founder and Trainer
Mollie Williams
Office Manager
Ash Taylor
Chief Advisor
Nigel Murphy
Session Worker - Beat It
Ed Wells
Session Worker - Beat It