Supporting people to feel hopeful, identify their own purpose and confidently take action.

About Us

Us in a Nutshell…

Imagineer Development UK CIC is a social enterprise based in the North of England with a national reach.
In our first ten years we have:

  • been the testbed for developing and supporting small, innovative project and enterprise ideas led by people in the community, for the benefit of the whole community.
  • become the home of the National Brokerage Network, which is a community of practice for Independent Support Brokers.
  • been added to the Think Local Act Personal (TLAP) innovations directory and invited onto their Self-Directed Support innovation forum.
  • provided Support Brokerage for individuals and families, for whole communities and on behalf of Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs) and Local Authorities.
  • developed a range of training and consultancy services to support the development and embedding of Strengths-Based approaches and Self-Directed Support in the UK.

In short, we’re proud to say we have evolved into a seasoned, skilled and knowledgeable organisation, providing Support Brokerage and Brokerage Management support to people who wish to plan, arrange and Self-Direct their own care and support arrangements using Direct Payments, Individual Service Fund, Personal Health Budget or Personal Budget arrangements.

Through the Consultancy and training we offer in Support Brokerage, Person-Centred and Strengths-Based Approaches as well as coaching and mentoring for Independent Support Brokers, we’re pleased to say we have gained a national reputation for this kind of work.

Together with our Project Management and Graphic Facilitation Services using visual thinking and creative planning processes and through our work and championing of community-based solutions, we strive to help bring about a fairer society.

You can find out more by watching our video below:

Where It All Began and Why Society Needs Imagineer and Our Community Solutions…

The first seeds for Imagineer were planted when our Founder Liz was designing and delivering a Person-Centred Planning project. This experience really showed how Person-Centred Planning can make a real difference in unleashing people’s imagination about what a good life would look like for them.

Although some very innovative ideas and solutions were found in the community, the system structures were very slow in engaging with these conversations. When the established systems did open up to these conversations it resulted in those in that system trying to fit people into what already existed, rather than embracing what could be possible.

Liz’s initial work exposed that the existing system was locked into the limitations of what was available.

After learning about Local Area Coordination, Asset Based Community Development and Support Brokerage, she soon realised that adding the principles of these approaches together with the practice she had been developing could be the key to unlocking the fuller potential of the community.

Imagineer was born!

Our name, Imagineer, was chosen because of what it represented: to use your imagination to think about what is possible and then to engage with people’s skills, knowledge and connections to engineer the way to make those ideas become reality.

Our Social Mission

Imagineer always look for community solutions

‘To facilitate an empowering society and culture that supports people to live their best lives’

Imagineer’s social mission is our reason for why we exist and the foundation upon which all our work is built.

It provides us with our ongoing point of focus and it both inspires and challenges us to always be the best we can be for the people we support.

Our values

  • Our social mission is about doing the right thing.
  • Our values are about doing the right thing in the right way.
  • Our values are summarised below and we use the letters ‘T-E-P-I’ to help us remember them:

Togetherness: We like to get together with the right people, both in the direct support and training we provide and in our own team, to support Imagineer’s ongoing development.  We will work collaboratively, ensuring everyone’s thoughts and views are heard and respected. We know that it is together that we can all achieve so much more than we can on our own.

Empowerment: We know people are the experts in their own lives and should be able to lead on making their own choices to make real change happen. We also live out empowerment within our team too. We trust in our team, embedding the confidence and freedom to think creatively and take chances in a supportive, mission-focused environment.

Positivity: We believe that anything is possible if we are determined enough to find the right solutions. Some people we support may not easily be able to tell us their story but they do have a story to tell and we will help them do this in their own way. As a team, we will create a positive working environment that recognises and accepts difficult situations. We will not dwell in them but encourage each other to find our way to the answers.

Integrity: We won’t make promises that we can’t deliver and will be willingly accountable to those we support, to each other and to all those who support us. We know we are deliberately seeking to support people who may feel quite vulnerable and so we will always be honest, open and transparent in how we work so that mutual trust and long-term relationships can be built.

Imagineers TEPI Values

Want to Work with Us?

If you would like to find out more about who we are, what we do and the type of creative community solutions we help put into action, simply get in touch on LinkedIn or Facebook as we’d love to meet you!

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