Welcome to Imagineer – a place where everyone’s voice is heard, communities collaborate, and innovation is born!

What is Imagineer Development UK CIC?

We are a passionate and creative locally-rooted community interest company in the North of England, with a strong national reach and respected reputation for helping organisations, individuals and families to live fulfilling lives; contributing to a fairer society.

Imagineer are creative thinkers, using strengths-based approaches We are expert listeners.

We listen to what life is currently like for an individual, a family or an organisation.

We are proactive people.

We build an in-depth understanding of exactly what a ‘good’ life or way of working would look like for them, and we help to make it happen.

We are creative thinkers.

We think outside the box to help people and organisations get to where they want to be.

As established practitioners and leaders in the areas of Self-Directed Support, Support Brokerage, and Brokerage Management, we can support people and organisations live a better life for them and teach others to do the same! We do this through:

  • Support Planning Work, where the person being supported is in the driving seat.
  • Supporting people to identify useful resources within their local community.
  • Helping people and organisations access funding and grants.
  • Making people aware of their legal rights.
  • Bringing people together in Circles of Support to benefit individuals.

We focus on the ‘what’s possible’ and are not limited by what solutions and services are already available. Sometimes we develop brand new approaches to care and support, based on what makes sense to the person we’re working alongside.

Using our knowledge and enthusiasm, we have guided lots of organisations and individuals to embrace the benefits of Strengths-Based Approaches and Person-Centred Approaches through our Training, Consultancy and Graphic Facilitation services and we can help you and your team do the same.

We are a social enterprise, which has the advantage of our assets being protected for community benefit, enabling us to re-invest our surpluses into the ongoing pursuit of our social mission of facilitating the development of a fairer society for all.
National Brokerage Network

National Brokerage Network

As the proud hosting organisation for the National Brokerage Network, a community of practice for Independent Support Brokers; we have access to a network of approved Support Brokers and can help Support Brokers connect with each other to share practice, provide peer support and gain insights so they can operate under the latest best practices.

What are Strengths-Based Approaches?

Strengths-based practice is a joint process, between the individual being supported and those supporting them. By working together, the best way forward can be identified and implemented for the individual, all based on their own skills and resources.

Whilst some conventional service provisions concentrate on what a person can’t do, we focus on what a person can do. We highlight their knowledge, qualities, and skills to work alongside them to find creative solutions that work for them.

The idea underpinning Strengths-Based Approaches is that people get the chance to be active and influential co-leaders of the services and support they use and receive rather than being merely passive consumers of them.

What Are the Aims of Strengths-Based Approaches?

The purpose of strengths-based practice is to protect person’s independence and wellbeing and to empower them to feel confident about using their unique strengths to shape their own solutions to any needs they have, regardless of whether they are eligible for health and social care support. This approach gives them choice and control to lead a fulfilling life and can even delay the requirement for further services and support.

Who Do We Work with and Support?

You might be a health and social care professional or a commissioner of those services desperate to bring about change. You may be a grant funding provider or an organisation that delivers services for creating a more empowering society. You could be the relative of someone who receives a Personal Budget and have no idea where to start with managing it all! You might feel that your voice often goes unheard, your opinions on the care and support you receive neglected, leaving you feeling let down and limited. We understand, and we can help.

We Work With

  • Individuals and their Families
  • Care and Support Providers
  • Care Agencies
  • Third sector organisations
  • Community Groups/Organisations
  • Other Social Enterprises
  • Day Provisions
  • Charities and Trusts
  • Local Authorities and Clinical Commissioning Groups
  • Allied Health and Social care professionals
  • Think Tanks

creative thinking communication

Why Do Imagineer Support People’s Voices to Be Heard?

Our social mission is to facilitate the development of a fairer, kinder, more equal and empowering society.

Pre-coronavirus society perpetuated inequality, especially among those who already felt marginalised and who feel the long-term impact of the pandemic the most. It is vital that individuals and communities, not only have their voices listened to, but also acted upon. This is why all the support we provide and the Strengths-Based Approaches we practice focus on building people’s confidence. We consider it a success when we are no longer needed because the person we were supporting has developed the knowledge, skills, resilience and connections to be able to completely Self-Direct. That being said, our guidance is always available to the person if that’s what they would like!

Our unwavering commitment to enabling everyone’s voice to be heard drives everything that we do.

How Do We Encourage, Energise and Inspire Needed Change?

We work towards making our social mission a reality each day by taking steps to influence transformation in the way that our current care and support system operates so that people are more empowered to Self-Direct their own support. Through Webinars, Training, Resources and Consultancy, we bring an in-depth experience and understanding of the commissioning process and how the vision of Strengths-Based Approaches can be realised. By embracing creative methods of communication such as Graphic Facilitation, we ensure everyone can have positive and open conversations about their own care and support.

Our values of Togetherness, Empowerment, Positivity and Integrity guide us to carry out our social mission in the right way.

With the pandemic having changed the way we work and the way people from all walks of life consume information; our vision for Imagineer over the next two years is to transition our organisation to be respected leaders in the provision of face-to-face and online Strengths-Based Approaches and services, within the framework of a financially healthy social enterprise.

When Do We Advocate Change in the Provision of Care and Support?

All the time! Our Values of Togetherness, Empowerment, Positivity and Integrity are lived through our everyday actions.

As a society, we need to stop being careless. Too many times do people end up living lives with limited beliefs about their potential and worth imposed upon them.

You can act now too. If your organisation would like to embed Strengths-Based Approaches into your practices or you’re an individual, family member or carer of someone who receives a Personal Budget, get in touch by calling us on +44 (0)07572 322200 or email us on info@imagineer.org.uk and together we will ignite positive change!

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