Supporting people to feel hopeful, identify their own purpose and confidently take action.

About us 

Imagineer Development UK CIC is a social enterprise based in the North of England with a national reach; originally set up in 2012 as a test bed for Independent Support Brokerage in the UK.

Imagineer is the hosting organisation for the National Brokerage Network, which is a community of practice for Independent Support Brokers.

Imagineer provides Support Brokerage and Brokerage Management support to people who wish to plan, arrange and Self-Direct their own care & support arrangements using Direct Payments, Individual Service Fund, Personal Health Budget or Personal Budget arrangements.

We provide a range of training in Support Brokerage, Person-Centred and Strengths-Based Approaches as well as coaching and mentoring for Independent Support Brokers.

We also offer Consultancy services, Project Management and Graphic Facilitation Services using visual thinking and creative planning processes.

Our social mission

‘To facilitate an empowering society and culture that supports people to live their best lives’

Imagineer’s social mission is our reason for why we exist and the foundation upon which all our work is built.

It provides us with our ongoing point of focus and it both inspires and challenges us to always be the best we can be for the people we support.

Our values

Our social mission is about doing the right thing.

Our values are about doing the right thing in the right way.

Our values are summarised below and we use the letters ‘T-E-P-I’ to help us remember them:

Togetherness: We like to get together with the right people, both in the direct support and training we provide and in our own team, to support Imagineer’s ongoing development.  We will work collaboratively, ensuring everyone’s thoughts and views are heard and respected. We know that it is together that we can all achieve so much more than  we can on our own.

Empowerment: We know people are the experts in their own lives and  should be able to lead on making their own choices to make real change happen. We also live out empowerment within our team too. We trust in our team, embedding the confidence and freedom to think creatively and take chances in a supportive, mission-focused environment.

Positivity: We believe that anything is possible if we are determined enough to find the right solutions. Some people we support may not easily be able to tell us their story but they do have a story to tell and we will help them do this in their own way. As a team we will create a positive working environment that recognises and accepts difficult situations.
We will not dwell in them but encourage each other to find our way to the answers.

Integrity: We won’t make promises that we can’t deliver and will be willingly accountable to those we support, to each other and to all those who support us. We know we are deliberately seeking to support people who may feel quite vulnerable and so we will always be honest, open and transparent in how we work so that mutual trust and long-term relationships can be built.

Imagineers Values - Drawn by The Big Picture Graphic Facilitation